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Essential Oils for Motion Sickness

By October 14, 2019February 23rd, 2021No Comments

Image of essential oils used to help with motion sickness


Chances are you’ve heard of or maybe have even tried a few different essential oils, but did you know they can also help with motion sickness?

Essential oils have been around for centuries, but science has just recently perfected the right blends to help keep us healthy, relieving many ailments naturally–even motion sickness. This blog post will help explain what motion sickness is, what essential oils are and specifically how they can help with motion sickness.

What Causes Motion Sickness?

You get motion sickness when there are conflicts between your senses. Motion sickness is a result of one part of the balance-sensing system (inner ear, joints and muscles or vision) that may indicate that the body is moving, while the other parts do not sense the motion. For example, if you’re riding in the backseat of a car, the inner ear may sense the motion of the vehicle, but the eyes don’t see the same movement from the rear seat. 

A number of activities have been reported to cause motion sickness, including:

  • Car rides
  • Cruise ships or other boats
  • Airplanes
  • Video games and tablets
  • Roller coasters
  • And more

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from plants and made into liquid oil. This process is usually done by distillation, but there are ways of using mechanical methods and expressions to extract the oils. 

Since no chemicals are used in the creation of essential oils, their all-natural appeal is skyrocketing. As a direct result of this, essential oils usually have a strong fragrance, which most people reportedly enjoy.

Combining different oils into a blend can add the desired effects from multiple plants. Essential oils can also be sold separately. Some of the oils are very strong in their concentrated forms so be sure you are educated on which oils can be applied to the skin and in what amounts. 

Essential oils have been around since 3,000 BC, and have been reported to help with many different medical conditions throughout human history. If you live in the United States you have more than likely seen the popularity of essential oils rise throughout recent years. People are becoming more interested in natural sources of healing without side effects.

Will taking essential oils help with motion sickness?

For years, thousands of people have reported seeing benefits from using certain essential oils. Motioneaze, a proprietary blend of botanical essential oils, was created to make easing motion sickness naturally, easy and accessible for most people. Its fast-acting formula works within minutes after application behind the ear. The all-natural blend is safe for your kids. The active ingredients help calm and soothe the feeling of imbalance, quickly relieving nausea and other symptoms. 

If you are looking for a natural solution for your motion sickness try Motioneaze. Click here to read testimonials from others regarding how Motioneaze has helped in their lives. 

What essential oils help with motion sickness?

  1. Lavender oil is known for it’s calming properties.
  2. Peppermint oil can have soothing effects on some of its users
  3. Ginger oil has been reported by some to help with stomach issues
  4. Cardamom oil is related to ginger, and people have reported that it has helped with calming stomachs.
  5. Spearmint oil is known as well as peppermint oil to have a calm effect, but there are users that report it helps.

As always, we suggest consulting with your medical professional about using different types of oils or treatments.